Grove Beach Point is one of Connecticut Shoreline's private beach associations - and by far one of the prettiest.

How many of us over the years have driven the same familiar are cruising down Route 153, and hit the center of Westbrook.  You continue along  Route 1, passing Dunkin Donuts, the marinas, the Singing Bridge and Bill's pass Ed's Place and Frankies, deep into Westbrook's Marine District, and finally cross over the Patchogue River and take that next left turn onto Indian Trail, where a sign welcomes us to Grove Beach Point?!

You pass Wangum Road onto Mohawk Road, then turn onto a short street named Sachem Road.  Your next left onto Menunketesuck Road.  You are almost there.....passing Uncas Road East, Mohican Road East and Pequot Road........

Your Destination lies before you!  Grove Beach Point!!  A part of your life for either an occasional visit or your home away from home for years or your permanent home!

No matter what happens in your everyday world, Grove Beach offers a promise to take your cares and worries away, even for a brief few hours.


Here at Grove Beach, you know that the warmth of the sand will ooze between your toes.  That the calming sound of the water lapping the shore is music to your ears. 



You see the familiar faces, wave hello and declare your spot on the beach for the day.  You gaze out at Duck Island to see if the Chimney made it though another winter.



 A glance to the left and boats are in and out of the channel to the marinas.


In the spring, it's a welcoming sign to see everyone hard at work preparing for the season.  Yard cleanup, boat preparations, yard work etc. 

 You pick out a new face here or there, and sadly, sometimes realize a familiar face is not returning.  


Over the years, people have come and gone.  Houses have been added and rebuilt.  But the streets remain the same, and the beach is always there to welcome you!  Throughout our cherished warm months of the year, we know what lays before us.  There is the Annual meeting Memorial Day weekend followed by the 4th of July breakfast and games! 

 Somewhere in there - the ropes and raft "mysteriously" find there way into the water. 

And who could forget DAISY?   The best bargain for ice-cream in the neighborhood?!


Evenings are times for sunsets, grills blazing and lobsters boiling! Friends and neighbors gather and reflect back on another great day at Grove Beach!  Somewhere a fire is blazing and the makings of s'mores are not far behind.


How lucky are we to have this beach to call our own?